much ado about a fountain

Five down.

Player: Me
Photographer: Russell

I had envisioned this moment very Benedict in Much Ado About Nothing. You remember the scene. He is kicking up his heels and making a glorious show of dancing in a fountain just after he has just been duped into believing that Beatrice loves him. And the music swells and water is going everywhere. Beautiful movie magic.

There are two main difference between Benedict’s fountain scene and mine. First: it is hard to kick up your feet when your boots have become buckets of water. The Bethesda Fountain is apparently 16 inches deep. My Wellingtons are 15 inches high… You do the math. In the end, there may have been less frolicking in and more sloshing through the fountain. Secondly: it is illegal to dance in the Bethesda Fountain.

So when the police showed up, we really thought it best to saunter away as if the night had consisted of nothing more than a relaxing stroll through the Terrace and a view of the rowing pond. But I have seen the Bethesda Fountain from the inside looking out. And it was glorious. My heart frolicked, even if my lead boots remained earth bound. And thank you, Russell, for sacrificing your own Bethesda moment to document mine. 25×30.

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2 Responses to much ado about a fountain

  1. Paige Mackay says:

    Ah yes, Much Ado About Nothing. Love that movie! You introduced it to me YEARS ago – I remember watching it at your house…we were probably in junior high. It’s still one of my favorites!! Hope you didn’t freeze your tailfeathers off 🙂

    Oh, and thank you so much for calling me the other day, er, week. I am horrible at returning phone calls (and emails too). If I don’t do it immediately, I get busy and distracted and then before I know it, it’s been like 3 weeks and I feel like such a lame-o that I end up never returning the call. Forgive me?

    I look forward to your next adventure!


  2. Sherilyn McGinnis says:

    Epic! I love doing illegal yet harmless things with utter and complete nonchalance! 😉

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