maple and a trim

What am I on? Seven? I think this makes seven down.

Players: Jane Madsen and me

Locale: Burlingon, Vermont

This is Jane. Not on our trip, but from FB. This is vermont. Also not from our trip, but from Google images. Why not from our trip? Well, I had in fact packed the camera, but it didn’t really make it out of my bag. It may have been that neither of us had a smart phone or an atlas or even a map. So a six hour drive became an eight-point-five hour drive. Or maybe it was the 15-foot tank that put it out of our minds. Perhaps the to-die-for flat bread or the manager of the car rental store that saved our bacon despite a few minor metaphorical wrestling matches between us. Oh what would have become of us if the New York in me had been funny unleashed. I shudder to consider the possibilities. I think the most likely reason of all was the fact that the maple syrup jug was dusted in hair as I picked it off the barber shop floor and had Gary ring it up. That can’t be sanitary. 23×30.

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One Response to maple and a trim

  1. Jane says:

    Remember how we solved all the world’s problems? That was cool.

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