a lost art

Don’t you hate getting bills in the mail? I do. What I hate worse is getting credit card offers. And that is pretty much all that ever comes my way through the postal service. Saturday I got a book I’d ordered off Amazon and it made my day. Why do I discuss the contents of my mailbox? Because I think it is tragic that letter writing has become a lost art. Why buy a stamp and send something off that won’t get there for at least one day when you can write an email and it will get across the world in 8 seconds and be free? Why?! Well, for one, the paper. I love writing on paper. Particularly good paper with a fountain pen that has a bit of a sharp nib so it really grabs the fibers of the sheet. Oh, there is nothing quite like that. In lieu of all that ado, however, a cute piece of stationary and a ball point bic will suffice.

Well, today, I have finished two of my 30. First, I have written my letters to the thirty most influential people in my life. I didn’t tell them that was why I was writing, but they have gotten letters. Or rather, the letters are in the mail. Not like “the check is in the mail” but like actually stamped and winging their way all over the country. It was an interesting experience. Some of these people I haven’t talked to in years, but their influence still lingers in my life. So it was fun to imagine them receiving my cards. And on a side note, I got my Christmas thank you cards done as well. Pat on the back for me. 22×30.

The second task I am knocking off is my family history project. It isn’t completed, but hopefully won’t be for years. So I am counting it as done since it is started, and that is most often the hardest part. I have struck up a penpalship with Grammy Lemon. She is the coolest grandma-aged lady I ever have known. At 85+, she kicked my pants in Ping Pong and gave Russell a run for his money. She has tried her whole life to get us not to wear sunscreen. She is a no-nonsense, hard working, farm-living woman who plays bridge, served a mission, makes unbelievable jam and scalloped potatoes and plays “The Entertainer” like you’ve never heard it played. She is awesome. And I know nothing about her life before I came into it. Which was pretty late. So we are going to write letters. Save the fading art of correspondence. And hopefully, I will learn about her, her childhood, her parents, her marriage, motherhood through her eyes, her secret to a good pot roast, and what how to balance it all and laugh everyday. This is actually one of the 30 I am most excited about. 21×30

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One Response to a lost art

  1. Sharon says:

    Both sound awesome. But really, I’m always flattered when I get credit card offers in the mail. I’m pre-approved! Self-esteem boost.

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