chariots of fire

Four down.

5K. 35:55. Yeah, yeah. No making fun of my time. The last period of my life when I was running was my freshman year of college. Tyler liked running. And in an attempt to be agreeable and desirable to a runner (i.e. be a different person), we went running a lot. Funny thing was I thought I had him fooled. BWAHAHA. Ten years later, having achieved both agreeableness and desirability, I only run when it is absolutely necessary. For the train or when being chased by wild dogs.

Players: Erin Mas and me. Meg and Cassie ran the half. Whoop whoop!! shout out to them!

Venue: The lovely Hartford, CT.

Highlights: I ran the whole thing. Sprinted the last quarter mile. And best of all, finished.

Favorite parts: getting to and from Hartford. The trip there included fun conversation with two of my favorite people. The way home, a bus driver gone mad with the power of driving the PeterPan, a crazy man who moaned for a good 20 minutes and gave Meg the stink eye at least 10 times because she chose a seat in front of him, and two creole folks behind me who didn’t close their mouths for two hours, not even for chewing purposes. Thank you, Cassie, for the peanut m&ms as my treat while I sat back and enjoyed it all! 26×30.

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how do you spell reykjavik??

Iceland is on!! Thank you Icelandair for a wonderful winter sale. I am so excited. Those northern lights better be active in February! All I’m saying is, if I go all the way over there and they are quiet during those 4 days, I will… shake my fist at the heavens. Oh the AB will feel my wrath. And anyone who knows me knows that you do not want to feel my wrath.

Do you think snowshoes would be considered a weapon if I tried to take them in a carry on??

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travel bug vs. bed bug

Why are so many of my 30×30 only accomplishable by involving an airplane at some point? I have the travel bug. Sincerely, I feel that was the major push behind my getting a new job. Yeah, it is great to have insurance. But it better to be able to go to Iceland. For Thanksgiving. And see the Northern Lights. ;D

The travel bug feels a little like bed bugs. My whole life is going to be turned upside down by this. As I am going to be on a trip every month, I will be living out of bags for a good portion of the time. It will be expensive and inconvenient. And when all is said and done, I will have lots of great stories to tell. However, I think my stories will be more sharable on a date. “When I was in Positano…” is a much better story opener than, “When we were fighting bed bugs….” Actually, in NYC that is a debatable claim.

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move over, pablo

Three down.

I painted a painting tonight. Me. I haven’t painted a painting since kindergarten. That is not an exaggeration. No painting. Ever.

But I did it. And I liked it.

On the way over to JF’s, I told myself that it was okay to copy someone else’s work. Everybody copies other people’s paintings until they find their own work inside themselves. So I copied a man named John McCambridge. The original is called Shipwrecks. It is 7″x7″, acrylic and gouache on canvas. This is the only picture I can find of it online. It is the one in the middle.

And here is mine. I call it Vertical Shipwreck. It is 9×12 acrylic on canvas. Is it so silly that I feel awesome? I know it is nothing great. And it didn’t take any measurable level of skill. And somehow, I am so happy about it. I am going to frame it when I go home for Christmas. And I am going to hang it on my wall. Proudly. 27×30.

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veni, vedi, veci

Number 2–done.

The players: Me and the lovely Megan Shirk.

The time: 6 hours. Number of pauses: 2.

Food consumed: El Salvadorian pupusas (sp?), lemonade, not nearly enough water, and how did we ever finish without ten pounds of ice cream?

Highlights: Megan’s conversation, the fiddle player in the park who played “Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps”, the misplaced chinatown fish cart on 137th, the amazing weather, Megan’s obsession with babies, and that the 1 train was, typically, not running. So the ride home took as long as the walk down.

The aftereffects: hobbling, exhaustion, inordinate sense of accomplishment, sorest butt muscles on the planet. 28×30.

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one down!!!

There’s a double meaning in that. I am down one size. And I wore my size 4 jeans on Saturday that I haven’t worn in about 6 months!! Hoorah. And it is the first thing officially off my list. 29×30.

So when I was home on Friday, I planned the trip to Italy! OH gosh how excited am I?! Here is the itinerary.

25 March: leave JFK
26 March: arrive in Rome, take train to Positano.
Positano is a bus or ferry ride away from Napoli, Pompeii, Herculaneum, and Capri. So those could all happen in the 4 days we are in Positano.
30 March: leave Positano, train to Florence, arrive in Florence

3 April: leave florence; train to pisa for the day; train to Riomaggiore (cinque terre), arrive in cinque terre

6 April: leave cinque terre, train back to Rome, fly home to JFK
Or, if you want to see northern Italy and meet folks from my mission, I am staying an extra 5 days and heading to Milano and Torino.

By the way, the photos are the places where we are staying!!
If you are wanting to be in attendance, let me know. I am thinking 6 of us will be going. Maybe it will be first come, first serve. Maybe we’ll have an essay contest. Prompt: Is it necessary to the Italian experience to eat gelato with every meal?

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small updates

I was reading about Lot this afternoon and I was ill about his daughters. OI VE!! (And to add insult to that injury, just found out about this today…. Not a lot of hope for that one.) But the point is that I am nearly on schedule with the standard works reading. Hold in your excitement, folks.

I found out today that we are at an all time low of auroral activity. Hope that changes soon. If not, Fairbanks here I come! Tack that onto the other 5 trips I will be taking in the next few months. There are going to be some busy weekends. 🙂

Last note. Everyone. Whatever you want to be a part of, let me know specifics. I don’t want to forget anyone in these wonderful adventures. Vermont and the Carolinas are happening before the end of the year. And thirty of us are not going to Italy together. If you want in on that action, you gotta let me know early!

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calling all spanish speakers

Who wants to teach me spanish? I will make you food. You will speak to me in Spanish. I will answer you in Italian. You will rap my fingers with a yard stick. I will answer you in Italian again. You will give me the evil eye. I will offer you something to eat to distract you. You will eat tasty delights. You will smile. I will eventually answer in Spanish. Sounds fun, eh??

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are you kidding me??

Haha. I don’t even know what to say. I have had so much response already. I am so blessed to have so many amazing people in my life. That means YOU (insert picture of Uncle Sam in a striped top hat. I think he was the original hipster, Uncle Sam).

Thank you for all of your offers on helping me out with these goals. I will be taking you all up on it. I still did not get any requests on your dreams…

I am thinking of adding “learn html” as number 31. I was up until 2 am last night trying to figure out how to link a google calendar to 30×30. If any of you know, please send along the details. I found a couple of sites online, but their instructions were only half helpful. All of them assumed an understanding of coding which exceeded my ability to cut and paste. Oi Ve.

Who wants to go to Italy? I was thinking 25 March to 12 April.

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it begins

Listen to Can’t Go Back Now while you read…

There is something strange about our culture. Maybe it is just the culture of Jen. But somehow things don’t feel officially begun until there is a title for it and a blog about it. Remember that demotivation poster about blogging? I may not have much to say, but something about having studied history makes me want to document everything.

I’ve been talking about the 30×30 long enough. Today it begins. This title comes from a long term plan I have called the 30×40. This is the plan in which I purchase a 30 foot sailboat by the time I am 40 years ago. For a while there, I was calling it the 40×40. But 40 feet is too much boat for me. And this has nothing to do with the current life path. The current path is called the 30×30 and has nothing to do with sailing.

Here is the plan. By the time I turn 30, I will accomplish the 30 things to the left. I have seven and a half months to learn spanish and read War and Peace. And 28 other tasks. I will blog as the plans are made and carried out. If you want to be a part of any of them, particularly if you have a dream I can help with, let me know.

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